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Breathe life back into your business with an enhanced new look.
We create brand identities & develop websites to launch clients into unforeseen success.

Concept logos designed by us:

A Peak Into Our Portfolio
Brand Identity
Revive, rejuvinate & recreate your brand to represent it the right way.
Personal mission statement,
value proposition and tagline for your brand.
Logo brand suite, typography, colour scheme,
design assets and mock ups.
Guide on how to appropriately apply
each logo, font and colour within your branding.
Logo Brand Suite
Your main use logo
Fits your primary logo in smaller areas
Features both icon and brand name
Simple and clear
For profile images and favicon
Identifiable on any background
Or any form of logo you would like added to your brand suite.
Modern, clean
Sans Serif
Traditional, sophisticated
Slab Serif
Bold, impactful
Elegant, stylish
Friendly, expressive
Techy, code-based
Or any custom font you would like added to your logo or website.
Colour Scheme
Complementary Colour Wheel
Complementary Colour Palette Example
Monochromatic Colour Wheel
Monochromatic Colour Palette Example
Split-Complementary Colour Wheel
Split-Complementary Colour Palette Example
Or any custom colour scheme you would like, existing or pre-existing.
Mission Statement:

A mission statement defines what line of business a company is in, and why it exists, or what purpose it serves. A statement of purpose gets people excited about the company and can motivate them to become part of the organization.

Value Proposition:

A value proposition is statement that is designed to clearly articulate the value that a brand offers to its intended audience. Just because a business has a product or service doesn’t mean the audience understands why they should buy that particular product or service. A good value proposition is about is about giving your audience a compelling reason to choose your brand.


A tagline is short, memorable description of a company that clearly communicates a brands message and value.
Your pains fade through our promise.
The average lead-time for a website design & development project is 8-12 weeks. Most website projects are wasted in negotiation.
Our lead-times are less than a quarter of that. Each task has its own efficient process that allows the project to run as smooth as possible.
Our websites achieve above a 90/100 page speed score. High page speed is one of the biggest indicators of page ranks by Google.
Slow loading websites account for annual losses of up to $2.6 billion. Most websites can barely achieve a 60/100 page speed score.
94% of customers say lousy design leads to distrust of websites. Also, a websites credibility is 75% influenced by its design.
Our emphasis on creating a beautiful interface and optimising the user’s experience on the website adds trust to your business.
Correct Your Web Aesthetic
True representation and accurate translation
of your branding into a website design.
Beautiful interface that is easy to navigate,
fast loading and high converting.
Website content updating,
hosting maintenance and SEO blog posts.
Your Imagination Onto The Interface
The Right UI For Your Eye
Attractive user interface turns heads, pops eyes and changes minds.

Become the new, hot thing within your space.
The UX That Converts Best
User experience is uncompromisable in the process of converting users to customers.

Don’t let an opportunity slip just as it begins.
Arrow Icon
Consistent interface with a clutter-free layout that keeps the user comfortable and free of cognitive overload as you direct them exactly where you want them to be on the site.
Computer Search Icon
Easy to navigate interface with accessible features that user’s can interact with smoothly to successfully relieve the user’s pain points and fulfill the site’s conversion goals.
Man Pointing To Image Icon
Visual Appeal
Aesthetic interface that complements the brand’s visual identity within a hierarchy that establishes focal points and strategically guides the user where intended.
Phone Load Icon
Rapid-loading interface that meets the user’s needs and makes them feel in control of their experience on the site
Monthly Retainer
Without pushing your presence, your website is simply lost at sea…

Skip the initial struggle for customers and let us be the wind in your sails.

The services below are provided after we launch your website for a small fee each month.
Blog Post SEO Icon
Blog Post SEO
We will create a blog for you and regularly post articles that rank on Google and bring customers to view your website. We also develop the back-end content of the website to optimise the visibility of the website amongst searches that are relevant to your business from potential customers.
Content Updating Icon
Content Updating
We will update the content on your website as per your request. We understand that the industry is ever-changing and you must constantly refresh your website, so we are here to support you and update your website's content on command.
Website Hosting Icon
Website Hosting
We can cover all of your website hosting needs on a server and purchase and manage for you the domain name/s you wish you to have for your website, so people can access it properly.
Website Maintenance Icon
Website Maintenance
We can maintain for you:

- the front-end and back-end content of your website
- revision of  webpages with new information you provide
- renewal and management of your domain name/s
- your search engine marketing campaigns
- the security of your website
Website Security Icon
Website Security
We will secure your website firmly to prevent cyberattacks against your business and hackers from stealing your information and sharing it elsewhere.
Website Security Icon
Google Business Profile Management
We will manage your Google Business Profile and give you analytics reports with clear interpretation so we can communicate to you what is working, what isn't working and how we can improve on our goals with the website.
Website Design & Development
$4,780 Australian Dollars
*Flat Rate
Note: only 50% deposit required to project to begin: $2,390 Australian Dollars
What this includes:
- Webflow-developed 5-page informational website.
- Responsive layout (optimised for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile)
- Custom website domain
Hourly-rate add-ons:
- Extra webpages
- Website plugins & integrations
- E-commerce
- Email marketing
- Extra revisions

*These services are unpredictable in terms of lead-times so we charge hourly.
$1,280 Australian Dollars
*Flat Rate
What this includes:
- Full brand suite (5 logo variations)
- Custom colour scheme
- Typography
$780 Australian Dollars
*Flat Rate
What this includes:
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- Google Adwords (SEM)
- Google Local Service Ads Campaign
Monthly Website Maintenance
$480 Australian Dollars / Month
*Flat Monthly Fee
What this includes:
- Web hosting maintenance
- Up to 1 hour of support
- Simple website content updating
- Google business profile management (analytics report)
Don’t forget, when you refer us a client you will earn a 5% discount on your next project with us and your referred client will get a 5% discount on their project.
The Brand & Web Designer
Portrait of Designer
About the Website Designer:
Lloyd is a web designer from Sydney, Australia with over 5 years of experience with design & digital editing programs . He has curated his style through an eye for linking abstract vectors with marvelous colour schemes, assembled together with sleek layouts and complimentary motion graphics that add to the user experience - not distracting from your businesses intended goals.

He can be directly contacted via lloyd@silkcarousel.com for communication regarding potential projects.
Why work with Silk Carousel?
Attention to detail is what separates us from the pack.  Our branding process leaves no stone unturned as we dig deep into the purpose, mission and values of your brand to create a visual identity that is guaranteed to attract more customers.

In our website design and development, we build a stunning interface and provide a seamless user experience so you’re certain for a perfect first impression.

Behind the scenes we utilise innumerable visual resources, programs, plugins and an array of rules and formulas that ensure that every tool and asset involved assists in achieving your business goals.

Since day one, we have been prepared to pay out of pocket for a website done properly.
What is User Interface (UI)?
User interface is the point of contact between you and computer. It refers to all of the visual and interactive features on the interface that you can see on this screen.
What is User Experience (UX)?
User experience is simply the nature of the interaction a user makes with a webpage. It takes into account factors such as user-friendliness and ease-of-navigation.
What is the average lead-time per project?
The lead-time of a job will depend on the project at hand. After you provide all of the content and information we need, you will be given a quote along with your estimated lead time.
What criteria is factored into quoting a project?
Our branding services follow a process that applies to most businesses so there will not be much variation or any unexpected pricing.

The complexity of the webpages on the proposed website  as well as the amount of creative input we ourselves need to insert (fonts, colour schemes, copywriting, stock resources) will be the main factors in determining the price of a project.

Resources such as stock images, illustrations, videos, vectors & motion graphics will also be included in the final quote.
Do you offer refunds on projects?
We do not offer refunds on projects after an agreement is signed. Please refer to our terms and conditions for information on a project contract.
What programs do you use?
We use Figma for all of the design aspects alongside Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for editing purposes. We incorporate our designs directly from Figma into Webflow for the development of the website.